Granite Worktops

Granite Worktops

With over 100 different colours, which all are suitable for outdoor and indoor use as kitchen countertops, table tops and bathroom vanity tops.

Granite is one of the earths natural stones. What makes is special is that each quarry and each part of the earth is host to a wide range of different granite colours. Granite is the ideal solution for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops and floor tiles providing the unique look and righteous style.

Granite Features

Architects often choose Granite for its natural feel and look and find it useful for hotels, restaurants, bar tops, bathrooms and more.

We only supply top quality Granite where you can be sure of a high quality finish.


One of the hardest materials and stronger than marble.

Range of Colours

Available in a wide range of colours to suit any room.

Easy to Clean

Easy maintenance and cleaning by using warm water.

Granite Colours

Please note: Due to the vast amounts of granite colours available, it is impossible to list them all. If you are look for a specific colour and you are unable to see it below, then please contact us.

Granite Sizes

Granite is a natural stone and comes from all over the world. Different quarries export the slabs in different sizes.

To give an indication - most slab sizes are normally 2400 -2500 cm x 1200 - 1400 cm

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Cimstone is a strong and sturdy material allowing its full potential to the full when installed in a kitchen or bathroom. Cimstone surfaces come with technologies inbuilt into the material.

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Neolith brings life to any surface. It is also resistant to high temperatures, kitchen chemicals, scratches and UV rays. It is ideal for home worktops and commercial bar areas, cladding and tops.

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Lapitec is another product that is a good candidate for worktops and cladding. We have installed Lapitec in a number of hotel, bars and restaurant and we can install in your kitchen or bathroom too.

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Dekton is the new range of ultracompact worktops from Cosentino. This new range of material uses stain resistant technology, UV protection, waterproof, impact and heat resistant to make the perfect choice.

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Silestone is a quartz surface that is treated and created to decorate today’s kitchens worktops and bathrooms in a range of attractive colours, extraordinary textures, and top-quality performance making it ideal!

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Sensa is a range by quartz brand Cosentino. The range consists of Granite that has been enhanced to allow a full potential within a kitchen. This exclusive range of colours will be perfect for any kitchen.

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