Our customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their kitchen, appliances and worktops are covered by the respective manufacturer warranties. If you require further assistance please select the correct areas below. 

Serial Numbers

To activate your warranty you will need to register your appliances with the manufacturer. You will need your serial numbers and product codes

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If you need assistance, please email us regarding your issue and we will take care of it.

Trade Partners

The brands that we sell provide their own certified engineers giving you that extra assurance.

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We grant our trading partners a 5-year guarantee.

Beneficiary under the guarantee

Claims based on the guarantee may be lodged by trading partners.

Duration of the guarantee

The guarantee offered by us is valid for 5 years. The guarantee period begins on the day the goods are delivered to the specialist dealer.


Any entitlement to replacement shall expire in the event of unauthorized modification of the parts supplied by us. In the case of accessories supplied by suppliers, for instance electrical appliances, lamps, sink units, fittings, waste collectors, etc., the warranty provisions of the respective manufacturers shall apply.

The guarantee does not extend to wearing parts, fragile parts like glass, plastic or parts made of rubber or light bulbs and damages and defects resulting from incorrect operation. The only exception to this shall be if the defects and damages are attributable to design faults, manufacturing defects, material defects or faulty workmanship. Likewise, the guarantee does not extend to personal injury and subsequent defects.

Any entitlement to replacement shall expire in the event of unauthorized modification of the parts supplied by us. On principle, colours shall be matched and determined under standard lighting conditions similar
to daylight. However, different surfaces and materials react differently depending on the type of light (daylight, halogen light, etc.).

This effect is, however, also possible in the case of light-coloured plastic and coatings, even if the material basis and surface structure are identical. Deviations in colour and structure, even in the case of identical colour designations, are unavoidable given the aforementioned influences and do not constitute cause for complaint.

Expiry of the guarantee

The right to claim under guarantee shall expire if repairs or modifications are carried out by persons not authorised by the manufacturer.

The guarantee shall also expire completely in the event of failure to comply with individual requirements contained in the guarantee provisions.

Guarantee claim

The damages shall be eliminated exclusively by the specialist dealer, or by our customer services as a special arrangement. We must be notified without delay in the event of a defect or damage, resulting in liability under this guarantee. The dealer shall provide a detailed description of the damage. The dealer shall undertake any and all measures to clarify the claim. This means that the dealer must answer our questions truthfully and in full. If a guarantee claim is confirmed, we shall provide the dealer with corresponding replacement materials free of charge.

Geographical scope

The guarantee shall apply in all countries in which trading partners are domicilled.

Applicable law

Guarantee claims shall be governed by German law.

Warranty Instruction

For complete piece of mind, all Siemens appliances come with a free two-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. A free five-year warranty is available on selected freestanding models where indicated, covering parts, labour and call-out charges.

Register your two-year warranty and find out about options to extend the warranty

Register your five-year warranty (selected models only where indicated)

Free 10-Year iQDrive Motor Warranty

Covers the cost of a replacement motor offered on selected washing machines and washer dryers where indicated. iQDrive warranty covers the cost of a replacement motor only. All labour and call-out charges outside of the 5-year warranty are not covered.

Free 10-Year anti-rust warranty

Covers rusting throughout the innercavity of all dishwashers from the inside out. Consumers should register their appliance online via our website or by calling: UK: 0800 519 2116 or IRL: (01) 2300344.

(For the 5 year warranty, customers should call 0344 892 8999 or (01) 4502655 in the Republic of Ireland)

Registering Appliances

We advise that customers register all Siemens appliances so that we have full records in the event of needing to contact you about a product update. Visit www.registermyappliance.org.uk for more information on registering appliances of all brands.

Warranty Instruction

Blanco provide a range of different warranties for their sinks taps. Please visit their website – here to find out which one is applicable to you.

Visit Blanco Website

Warranty Instruction

Elica provide a range of different warranties for their extractors. Please visit their website to find out which one is applicable to you.

Visit Elica Website

Silestone & Dekton (Cosentino)

Cosentino provides a 25 year warranty for Silestone products including (Silestone Original, Silestone Sensa and Silestone Eco). Warranty is valid from the date the surfaces have been installed. You will have 60 days to register your warranty.

Warranty Instructions

1) Visit warranty.cosentino.com or click the button at the bottom of this page. This screen will require you to input some information such as your name, address and email address.

2) You will be asked to provide proof of purchase so please upload your invoice on that page.

3) Please see the image below, you will have to click on “End User” in the grey box. Once you do so, another grey box will appear, click on “Fabricator“. Once you have selected the latter, a white box will appear where you will need to enter our Fabricator ID – 6000008057. That is it, you will get an email to confirm your warranty registration.

Terms & Conditions

Please Note: 25 Year Warranty is offered on its sold products since 1 January 2015 and registered in the website.

10 Year Warranty is offered on its sold products between the 1st of July of 2009 and the 31 December of 2014.

For the products prior July of 2009, the warranty was established in 3 years with the condition of presenting the invoice.

Visit Cosentino Website


Lapitec offers a 10 year warranty on its materials. When we install Lapitec worktops, you will receive a Lapitec Warranty card. This card is generated by Lapitec themselves containing a code which you will need to register your warranty.

Once you have obtained this code, please click the button below where you will have to provide your full name, address, email address and an invoice.

You will then receive confirmation of proof accordingly.

Visit Lapitec Website


Neolith provides a 10 year warranty for their surfaces installed by Rock Revelations. Neolith Warranty must be activated within 30 days of installation.

Please visit their website for terms and conditions of what it covers and how to register your warranty.

You will be asked to fill out your information, name, address, email address and upload your invoice.

Visit Neolith Website


This warranty covers product defects for a period of ten (10) years after the date of installation. If it is determined by Quartzforms or its authorized warranty service agent that a defect in the material exists within the ten (10) year period, Quartzforms will, at its sole option, repair or replace the defective Product in accordance with the following warranty provisions and exclusions.

To read the full terms please visit them by clicking the button below. Quartzforms do not allow online warranty registration. Please email your invoice from us to [email protected] along with your address. QF Distribution will then register the warranty accordingly.

Email Quartzforms

Granite & Marble (Natural Stone)

Due to the natural elements of Granite & Marble most suppliers will not provide any warranty for such product. There is no warranty registration.

Warranty cover will only be for the installation of SmartHaus and any workmanship carried out. In rare cases, if a product fails please contact us on [email protected] and we will carry out an investigation.

Email Warranty Team Now

Step 2 - Warranty Activation

You will receive an email or postal confirmation of your warranty. Please keep these documents in a safe place.

Note: For kitchen units, there is no warranty registration required.

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