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German Kitchens in Kettering

Systemat is a pioneering range in design and quality, with a range of styles that have shaped the German kitchen industry. Their combination of avant-garde elements, natural materials, and innovative technology creates a luxurious and elegant kitchen that inspires you every day.

With full freedom of design, you can fulfill all your dreams in terms of both aesthetics and functionality with a Systemat kitchen from SmartHaus.

We offer an unrivalled choice of premium German kitchens for Kettering and the surrounding counties.

SmartHaus Kitchens. German Kitchens & Appliances

Kitchens With Character

Colors and shapes work perfectly together at SmartHaus. They provide a welcoming setting for your kitchen experience. Explore exceptional door designs, outstanding surfaces, and distinctive materials. Discover why kitchen cabinetry promotes good health.

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Take a deep breath and relax. Health is a vital. We meet and exceed the highest standards for clean room air thanks to PURemission Air Protection System. Significantly less formaldehyde limit value deviation; improved room air; improved quality of life.

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PUResist, our one-of-a-kind gluing technology, enables us to achieve the highest quality standards for a wide range of edges. They are resistant to water and have a high level of durability. Through the use of the solvent-free PUResist gluing technology,

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To create anti-fingerprint surfaces, the Systemat and Concept130 ranges employ a unique coating process. The one-of-a-kind microsurface structure lets sweat from hands evaporate quickly. As a result, our surfaces resist fingerprints very well. You'll get consistent quality and a beautiful kitchen this way.

SmartHaus Kitchens. German Kitchens & Appliances

Fascinating framed doors

In our kitchen ranges, doors with expressive frames are a classic. Our framed doors will make you feel good. You can make a great kitchen that inspires you every day with a wide range of colors, designs, and ideas. Create breakfast areas or specific shelf systems simply. Design a beautiful family room or a modern country style home.

SmartHaus Kitchens. German Kitchens & AppliancesSmartHaus Kitchens. German Kitchens & Appliances
SmartHaus Kitchens. German Kitchens & Appliances

Outstanding laminate doors

Our laminate door styles offer a wide range of gloss levels and shine depths. Additionally, we are able to create metallic effects with our laminate door styles. Furthermore, our laminate door styles are not only visually appealing, but also budget-friendly and easy to maintain. We offer a wide selection of high-class kitchens with laminate door styles to choose from.

SmartHaus Kitchens. German Kitchens & Appliances
SmartHaus Kitchens. German Kitchens & Appliances

Picture-perfect paint surfaces

Surfaces that have been painted come in a wide range of hues. The end result is always a brilliant lacquer finish, matt or shiny. The best quality is guaranteed by our own test lab. The pure material aesthetic of lacquered surfaces is incredibly low-maintenance.

Enjoy lacquered, matt, or shiny kitchen door fronts from SmartHaus.

190 colours - for individual kitchen planning

The most stunning color combinations are now available for your new kitchen project. Simply choose from a wide range of RAL colours and set impressive colour highlights in the systemat product line.

Colour swatches available from SmartHaus

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