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The kitchen is opening up. As the new heart of the home, it demands new thinking. At the heart of our planning examples lies the visible reduction to the essential and constructive: the new kitchen has to be clean-lined, timeless, open – and above all functional.

The shape and form of our kitchens and furniture is designed with function in mind –  and their function is to serve people in their daily lives. The goal is to achieve a functional aesthetic that makes the kitchen a durable commodity that people enjoy being surrounded by every day. Everything that sets a next125 piece apart follows a clear line: reduction to the essentials and a timeless design that is based on producibility and inextricably linked to the emotion of authenticity. This way, we are adhering to the Bauhaus philosophy and continuing to promote the democratisation of design.

We offer an unrivalled choice of premium German kitchens for Kettering and the surrounding counties.



Next125 kitchens are designed around a grid system of 125 mm, creating a visually and structurally balanced layout. This sophisticated design offers flexibility and enhances the visual experience of the kitchen. The minimalistic aesthetic design sets a clear statement against fast-moving trends, while maintaining the highest quality standards. This results in a unique and timeless kitchen.

Design & Quality

Our commitment to innovation, in-house expertise, and high levels of in-house production ensure that our products are of the highest quality and value. We are constantly striving to improve and develop our products to ensure they stand the test of time.

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Next125 Ranges

Next125 focuses on producing sustainably responsible products that are built to last. Our deliberately minimalistic design and commitment to high quality standards ensure that our kitchen concepts maintain their value, design, and quality over time, all while being mindful of the environment.

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NX500 Lava Black
The next125 satin lacquer collection offers a diverse range of captivating colors to choose from, ranging from bright accents to muted elegance. This allows for a personal touch in the kitchen design and the ability to combine colors to suit your individual style.

NX500 Jaguar Green
The next125 satin lacquer evokes a sense of airiness and features a variety of perfectly matched pastel, earthy, and wild colors. This collection is perfect for those who see color as a mood and appreciate the sensory pleasure of eco-friendly water-based satin lacquer fronts.


NX501 Crystal White
The NX 501 stands out with its use of high-quality materials, including perfectly crafted lacquered fronts. The kitchen is further enhanced by large wall claddings in quartz and ancient oak wood, creating a unique and impressive look.

NX501 Indigo Blue
High gloss lacquer is the perfect complement to authentic material combinations such as solid wood, fine veneer, stone, or stainless steel. Applied with expert craftsmanship, it gives the kitchen a timelessly elegant mirror-like finish with high brilliance and light reflections.


The kitchenette with fronts in bright curry combine compact functionality, a homely feel and unlimited cooking pleasure – also in small rooms or offices.

Behind the retractable doors, there is enough space to hide kitchen appliances and other things and, thanks to the illuminated recess profile for herbs and other things, also the recess does not remain unused. Everything is optimally hidden behind the retractable doors and uses contrasting internal colours.


Homely, natural, functional – that are the requirements for a contemporary kitchen. The spacious cooking table with its minimalist, fleet-footed design shapes the space without dominating it. With its generous size, it invites friends and family to sociable cooking events.


Our genuine wood fronts offer a natural warmth and charm that exudes comfort. Each piece showcases the unique character of the wood, with its fibers and grains on full display. These fronts are paired with matte lacquered colors in a variety of shades to create a harmonious and elegant contrast. The result is a stunning combination of natural beauty and refined style.


The optimally organised row of kitchen units for ambitious cooking. Optimum technology, storage space where necessary and all wonderfully neat and tidy, yet still casual.

A shining contrast and also very practical: the recess panel shelf next125 Frame. The approach here is not to hide everything away, but to keep it ready at hand like in a professional kitchen. The kitchen is rounded off by a high-quality equipment with Teppanyaki or table extractor which transforms the space into a wokshop for demanding culinary pleasure.


This real oak veneer front design is crafted using reclaimed old wood, giving each piece a unique character and story. The wood may have burn marks, scratches, and other signs of its previous life, adding a special touch to your home. No two pieces are identical, making this a truly one-of-a-kind addition to any space.


NX800 Solid Polar White
It may come as a surprise, but our solid laminate fronts are made from layers of paper that have been impregnated with resin and compressed under high pressure. The result is a strong and durable surface that is hygienic, food-safe, impact-resistant, and easy to clean. Only imbued laminates are used in the creation of our next125 solid laminate fronts.

NX800 Solid Polar White Handleless
Nature has a way of creating beautiful, timeless designs that are adapted to specific needs and seamlessly blend with their surroundings. This concept is reflected in our "less is more" approach to kitchen design, using jointless dyed laminate to achieve a minimalist and practical look inspired by the Dessau Bauhaus architecture


NX902 Platinum Metallic
People have always been fascinated by glass, which is transparent yet hard and durable. In the kitchen, glass has the added benefits of being exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean. Its unique surface has a precious, shimmering quality rather than strong light reflections, creating a quieter and more subdued appearance.

NX902 Bronze Metallic
The matte lacquered glass has a gentle iridescent bronze tone, and the pattern created by the seams adds a calm touch to the entire kitchen. With no handles or grip ledges, the design is reduced to the essentials. The kitchen not only looks beautiful, but it also feels great to touch as you run your fingers over the matte surface and gently push to open and close the pull-outs. The slim wall units are equally striking, offering plenty of storage space even for large plates despite their slim appearance

NX902 Stone Grey
This kitchen design aims to create a sense of lightness and floatation. The wall-mounted NX 902 boasts satinated glass surfaces that seamlessly blend with the natural wood of the cooking table and insertion shelves.

NX902 Indigo Blue
Glass and wood form an exciting symbiosis in this design, with indigo blue fronts paired with tall units and wall panels in antique oak. The attractive island solution, with its elegant attachment table as a central element, showcases simple beauty. Technical appliances and ample storage space are hidden behind the retractable doors of the tall units.

NX902 Polar White
The satinated glass fronts of the NX 902 open up new design possibilities. The gentle elegance of the matte finish gives the color white a touch of exclusivity and the color lava black a touch of sophistication. This surface finish gives your kitchen a very personal touch and sets it apart from other kitchen fronts.

NX902 Crystal Grey
The satinated glass fronts of the NX 902 offer a range of new design options. When paired with bright colors, the softly shimmering surfaces appear pure and exquisite, while with darker colors they appear opulent and noble. This surface finish gives your kitchen its own personal stamp and sets it apart from other kitchen fronts.


NX950 Ceramic Concrete Grey
The freestanding cooking area in a ceramic concrete grey imitation appears to have been carved from a single block. The low plinth creates the illusion that the cooking area is floating, and the clean, handle- and grip-ledge-free lines will appeal to purist tastes. This design is made possible by drawers and pull-outs equipped with the mechanical opening aid TIP-ON.

NX950 Ceramic Graphite
The soft, warm pine wood and dark kitchen in ceramic graphite, a material with a natural stone-like aura, interact to create a natural effect. The spacious, open layout is emphasized by the free-standing cooking table, which lightly marks the center of the kitchen. The kitchen, with its open shelf units, flows seamlessly into the living area, connecting the two rooms without a break.


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Next125 kitchens offer a unique perspective on kitchen design, and now you can view and download the kitchen brochure to explore all of the options available. From above, these kitchens stand out with their innovative features and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a modern or traditional style, Next125 has something to suit every taste and need. Download the brochure today to start planning your dream kitchen.

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